Opera Immagine

For the Love of Opera!

Bringing opera into everyday life.

My name is Stefan Romero Grieser. I am a visual artist, and husband to an operatic soprano. In 2013, I began making my original designs to share my passion for opera with the world.    

Opera Immagine’s vision is to engage both professionals in the opera world and opera fans alike, and contribute to public awareness of the arts. Today, opera suffers from an image problem: many people perceive opera as an elitist art form. I’m showing that something as humble and accessible as a T-shirt can serve to both educate and invoke curiosity, and bring opera into our everyday life. My designs range from straightforward titles and characters, to inside jokes for true opera nerds.

Worn by opera fans, an Opera Immagine design shares the joy of opera! Worn by opera professionals, an Opera Immagine design shows dedication to the art, and brings good luck before a show — at least that’s what my wife says …

The designs you find on operaimmagine.com are part of a growing repertory — new designs will be added frequently. If you are a performer or fan looking for a specific opera or role that has not been featured yet, or if you are an opera company or theater looking to begin a campaign for your theater or production, please contact me, and we can build something together.